Fallow Ridge Retreat

The retreat ethos

Sitting snugly on a schist rock outcrop amongst the silver tussocks of the South Islands wilderness, the aim of Fallow Ridge Retreat is to offer a stay that allows guests to be immersed in nature. An off grid and eco-concious destination. A private world where you can escape to and do as you wish – unwind or be inspired, escape or explore, connect with a loved one or take time for yourself.

The Master plan

Fallow Ridge Retreat is the cumulation of over 4 years of planning and building.

Historically the rocky outcrop that Fallow Ridge Retreat sits upon was used as a vantage point for shepherds when mustering sheep. It’s always been a good spot to stop and ponder, plus the views in every direction are simply spectacular. From the deep gully of the river to the tussock lined ridges there is always something to watch and wonder on. Watch the fog roll through the valley from the south or the sun setting behind the western skyline, you simply don’t grow tired of this special environment.

Our aim was to create a design that would sit humbly within the landscape and optimise the natural environment. We wanted to create a sense of luxury within nature and combine high end finishes to enrich guest experience.

David’s brother Matt of Matt Smith Building in Twizel has crafted this complex and multifaceted build to perfection. His quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is very evident throughout and we cannot thank him enough for his time and efforts!

The vision was to establish a space that cultivated good design, nurtured nature, and promoted rest and relaxation. Fallow Ridge was to be a place where guests could breathe deeply, reconnect, and enjoy a slower pace.

Rested and reconnected

We hope every guest who stays at Fallow Ridge leaves feeling rejuvenated, recharged, reconnected, and rested.

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